Wyoming Overnight Summer Camps

Wyoming overnight summer camps combine all of the best of summer time living for boys and girls in one camp experience. Horseback riding, hiking, swimming and being away from home all rolled into one is almost too much to be true. Of course you can also throw in living in one of the most incredibly scenic states in the nation and getting a chance to meet other young people from all over the country. Most young people wait for the days of summer to come around each year. Having the chance to stay at one of these Wyoming overnight summer camps certainly makes the waiting worthwhile.

Teton Valley Ranch Camp, Jackson Hole The Teton Valley and the entire Jackson Hole area is so incredibly beautiful that it is hard to imagine finding a more scenic place to send your kids for a Wyoming Overnight Summer Camp. Teton Valley has been offering ranch camp experiences since the 1930’s and continues to stand by the mission to provide both education and enrichment to all participants here.

Teton Valley Ranch Camp

To good advantage the camp offers two distinct summer programs. In 2008 the Boys Camp runs from June 15 – July 14. The Girls Camp opens July 16 and ends on August 14. Naturally the dominating activity for all campers is likely to be horseback riding. Boys and girls have the opportunity to both develop their riding skills and participate in horse related activities. Every Sunday a rodeo with riding and roping competition is staged followed by a camp barbecue.

There is no need to worry if you are just a beginner when it comes to horseback riding. You’ll get all the help you need and find yourself grouped according to your ability and your age.

For some the highlight of the summer experience is the 3-5 day backpack adventure. Campers set off into the wilderness, cooking their own meals, sleeping out of doors and making their own fun and adventures. This is an experience loaded with opportunities to enjoy nature and wildlife as well as a chance to grow in terms of personal responsibility and team work. The trip is different for each camper but memorable for all. Campers here also benefit from the availability of swimming, archery, nature programs, arts and crafts and other everyday camp activities. The boys and girls camps both end their seasons appropriately with what else but a rodeo. Call 307-455-2885.

Elk Creek Ranch, Cody, Wyoming. There are lots of reasons why a teenager might choose Elk Creek as his or her top selection for a Wyoming overnight summer camp, but one of them is likely to be the choices that are offered here. Elk Creek is really a combination camp which allows its male and female campers to chose between two different kinds of camp experiences or to blend the two experiences together. For some young people Elk Creek will be the place to go because of its excellent ranch camp. The ranch camp program definitely focuses on horseback riding and ranch centered activities and young people can surely spend their entire stay in the ranch world.

Other teens will select Elk Creek because it also offers a “Trek Program” which means lots of time is put into back pack adventuring. Both programs take part on wonderful Wyoming territory in Sunlight Valley not far from Yellowstone Park. Some kids work for a blend taking both programs in a single year or returning for a number of years to expand their experiences in the Wyoming West. Whether you choose the Ranch or Trek Programs you will find a summer experience at Elk Creek challenging to your body, mind and spirit.

To make summer arrangements or for more information call at 307-587-8828

Allens Wilderness Ranch CampAllen’s Wilderness Ranch Camp, Lander Wyoming Maybe you have a son or daughter who would really like to experience the West , have a chance to do some serious horseback riding and hiking but really doesn’t want to spend an entire summer in Wyoming. For that young man or woman Allen’s Wilderness Ranch Camp in Lander Wyoming holds out a splendid opportunity. From June 25-July 4 the ranch holds a 10 day youth pack trip. This is a condensed version of what some other camps spread over 4 weeks or more of summer overnight camp.

Boys and girls ages 10-16, working with counselors on a 2:1 basis develop their horse back riding and horse care skills and knowledge while traveling together through the Wind River Mountain Range. Campers not only ride they also hike and learn important survival techniques include orienteering, map reading and working as a group. Fishing, riflery and axmanship are part of the training and the fun at Allen’s Wilderness Ranch Camp. A five day pack trip is the highlight of the camping stay as young people get to try out their newly acquired skills and really come to grips with life in the wilderness. Learn how to start a new business.

Cost of the 10 experience is $1495 but the experience as the television ad would say is priceless.

You can contact Allen’s Wilderness Ranch Camp at 307-332-2995.