Hotel Review: Fairfield Inn in Cheyenne, Wyoming

Cheyenne, Wyoming is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. The mountains and views are top notch and so are the digs. The Fairfield Inn located on Stillwater Ave in Cheyenne, Wyoming claimed to offer amenities for the perfect stay, but that is not what I found.

The Fairfield Inn is a large hotel located near a cluster of retail strip type malls, in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Weirdly placed amidst retail shops, this hotel is nearly hidden unless you know it is there. The parking is close and user UN friendly, especially if you are toting a moving truck along for the ride. Small parking spaces located at uncomfortable angles, make parking nearly impossible with a large vehicle.

Fairfield Inn

The check-in desk appeared bleak and stark, as did the rest of the entry room. I was a bit set off by the starkness of the decor. Expecting a warm, inviting atmosphere, I was saddened by the frill less, to the point, offerings.

Apparently the Fairfield Inn in Cheyenne, Wyoming is a common stop for business travelers and it shows. The rooms were geared more toward an “I need it!” attitude than a “Home away from home.” feel. The furniture, bed, bathroom and even the linens screamed business. Nothing warm greeted my family and I was again saddened.

The Fairfield Inn in Cheyenne Wyoming offered general hotel amenities with a couple of extras thrown in. An indoor swimming pool and game room was available for guests to enjoy. Along with the standard continental breakfast, free newspaper, and delivery pizza fliers, this hotel was no different from many, aside from the price.

The reason I am pushing the drone feeling portrayed by the hotel is due to the price. While moving across country, twice, I stayed in many hotels. Never, had I ever, stayed in a hotel charging more than $115.00 per night for one room. The Fairfield Inn in Cheyenne Wyoming is far overpriced.

While the Fairfield Inn is not the cheapest and best hotel in Cheyenne, it is centrally located to more than 200 shops and restaurants. The convenience of the hotel to shopping, eating and entertainment, made up for the lack of frills. Again it seems the hotel is geared toward the business traveler. Everything needed was in plain sight or within a couple of miles driving distance, on a road that only went along Stillwater Avenue. Sort of nestled on a main street, the Fairfield Inn is hard to find, initially, but easy to find your way back to!

Being forced to stop in Cheyenne Wyoming, due to high winds, was a bummer for my moving schedule. But, having the chance to view such a beautiful town, was well worth the time. While I would never stay at the Fairfield Inn again, unless traveling to Cheyenne on business, I would recommend this spot for the no frills travelers. If all you are looking for is a neat, clean room with stark decor, the Fairfield Inn will be perfect for your stay. As a warmer person, I give the Fairfield Inn in Cheyenne Wyoming three out of five stars. Not so family friendly.